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Suzy Menkes

Am ajuns la jumatatea anului, quite the milestone. Ca de fiecare data, ma gandesc ce am realizat in ultimele luni, ce a ramas de facut, ce vise vreau sa transform in realitate. Ca de fiecare data, caut un citat sau un paragraf care sa exprime aceste stari si ganduri. L-am gasit, este mai jos – iar citindu-l, am realizat cat de mult ne traim viata contra contra cronometru, contra unei liste pe care bifam lucruri, fara sa mai traim pur si simplu. Voi cum traiti? „When your life is messy,

„Fashion has changed so much in my lifetime.  Today, I find myself at the collections asking, „Who are all these people?”  They appear to come from anywhere and everywhere, and ninety percent seem to be uninvited hangers-on. Sometimes I think I’m the last remaining person who goes to the show for the pleasure of seeing the clothes, rather than desperately wanting to be there for the social side – which is the part of things I have always had to be dragged to, kicking and screaming. And everyone has an