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Mario testino

„Happiness is more than the absence of pain; it is a radical shift from one state into another. It is a subtle transference of energy from darkness into light. It’s a smell like jasmine or burnt sugar on the crust of a pie. It’s the sound of a zipper on a new dress or the wet sandpaper tongue of a cat: anything that jolts introspection and forces you up and out. When you want to feel happy, try to change your context – move into a beam of sunlight, thrust

“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.” — Bill Moyers Sunt femeie si sunt atehnica. In fine, ma pricep sa asamblez una-alta de la Ikea (dar doar cu instructiuni), pot sa schimb o siguranta si un cauciuc (dar are cine sa ma ajute, when I really need it), reusesc sa descarc, sincronizez, transfer tot felul de aplicatii… dar cam atat. Nu stiu sa ma descurc cu specificatiile tehnice, masinile mi le aleg pe criterii estetice nu de eficienta samd. Asadar, cu atat mai uimitoare propunerea si provocarea primite