Lectura de sambata dimineata

„There’s one part of life that we won’t surrender to the aggresive forces of „noise, news, now” in our house: we will fight to protect Saturdays.

Lectura de sambata dimineata

[…] What does protecting Saturday look like, you ask? Well, it can take a million different shapes, but a typical protected Saturday looks something like this… We wake up naturally – either the sun’s light or the quiet whisper for coffee calls us from bed. Then we spend the morning watching the sailboats from the balcony and walking to the bakery for the greatest of all human pleasures: les croissants au chocolat. Then, with Billie Holiday in the background, we spend the day reading, playing games, creating an extraordinary lunch and fading in and out of naps. If we’re not properly dressed at this point of the day, chances are it’s not going to happen, which, as you know, is splendid. In spring and summer, Saturday evening is all about making a dinner menu, executing it and then hunting down ice cream at the harbor. Autumn and winter evenings are more introverted, of course, as we make mulled wine and gather around the warmth of candlelight and our favourite old movies.

Lectura de sambata dimineata

On the best of these self-imposed Sabbath days, we sit together closer and for longer. We hear each other’s words and silences better, and we rediscover the reasons we first found each other captivating. On protected Saturdays, we inhabit a private island, safe from the cares of the mainland and its 24-hour news cycle, with its relentless stream of updates and alerts and incoming messages. Once there, we’re able to live out all the chanpters of morning, noon and night as they naturally unfold. And there, on our island of protected days, we build upon the past, dream about the future and – perhaps most importantly – enjoy the subtle wonders of the present.”

~~ Protecting Saturday, scris de Austin Sailsbury pentru Kinfolk Magazine

Am inceput postul de azi cu aceste cuvinte pentru ca sa va reamintesc de dulceata si lentoarea zilelor de vara – inca fierbinti pentru 2-3 saptamani, dar care se vor transforma curand in lumini mai aurii si mai molcome. Aveti timp pentru orice, dar astazi nu va grabiti.

Lectura de sambata dimineata

Inainte de a va lasa cu recomandarile saptamani, nu uitati ca azi si maine va mai puteti inscrie la concursul „Intreaba stilistul”.

Intellectual Fashion: an interview with Harold Koda – „Fashion is a cyclical, forward moving system of invention and obsolescence. Often the invention is actually a kind of revisiting, renewal or re-invention, but whatever the case, obsolescence is inevitably fashion’s fate.” In Another Magazine

Designed for destruction –  For a time, starting in the early 1990s, Isabella Blow and Alexander McQueen were inseparable—fashion muse and master—lovers without the sex. They shared something else: a self-loathing so intense it would devour them both, with Blow’s suicide in 2007 and McQueen’s in 2010.” In Vanity Fair.

Franca Sozzani is stil in Vogue – „As Italian Vogue celebrates its 50th anniversary, its fearless editor is still producing fashion images that shock and awe. And still taking her critics in stride.” In Wall Street Journal.

Greg Krelenstein reads fashion’s crystal ball – Generating editorial “gets” for his left-of-mainstream client list, which also includes AnOther Magazine and Fantastic Man, has made him something of a secret force in the fashion industry, seeking to link the avant-garde with pop culture.” In NY Times.

Cullotes become the silhouette of the season – „Long thought of as dowdy and unflattering, the cropped, wide pants are suddenly many designers’ favorite style”In Wall Street Journal

Do you dare risk the split skirt?„Midi length skirts came slashed to the thigh for autumn – but can you adapt them for the office? Yes, but only if you get the foundations right.” In The Telegraph

Fashion heirs who inherit family business have big shoes to fill – Generations who inherit the family business have to keep the brand legacy alive while bringing additional strengths. Succession from one family member to another works when there is a successful family strategy in business, which researchers describe as „the four Cs”: continuity, community, connections and command.” In South China Morning Post.

The investment dresser: bandeau bikinis – „Every wardrobe needs one. Or a bandeau one-piece, not only to avoid annoying strap marks, but to make us feel, just occasionally, that we’re living the dream.” In The Telegraph.

Irina Markovits

Sunt creator de imagine, consultant de stil, jurnalist de moda si personal shopper. In ADN-ul meu se amesteca rafturile de carti cu umerasele de haine: asta e motivul pentru care biroul imi e plin de carti, reviste, haine colorate si pantofi splendizi. Prin Style Diary si munca de stilist personal transmit femeilor doua principii in care cred: stilul - la fel ca mersul pe bicicleta sau pe tocuri - este o aptitudine care se invata, prin exercitiu, cu perseverenta si urmand cateva reguli logice si de bun-simt, iar a te sti frumoasa si cu stil nu au nimic de-a face cu tendintele, cifrele de pe cantar sau din buletin, cantitatea hainelor din dulap sau pretul. Mai cred in puterea de transformare a hainelor si, mai presus de orice, ca o femeie frumoasa este neaparat educata, inteligenta si cu un interior bogat.

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