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„Fashion does not do moderation. You have nice round-toed low-heeled shoes, and you must wear them with skirts that reach halfway up your thighs. You have ankle-grazing evening gowns, but they will be cut on the bias to reveal a fabric impression of every ripple and bump pf your cellulite. And on and on. There is nothing easy or compassionate about style. Pain and distress and discomfort are part of fashion. Fashion assaults our bodies and our emotions. Give me shoes I can walk in!, I cry. And they offer

In urma cu cativa ani, hainele aveau cu totul alta valoare si alt pret. Cu un buget rezonabil faceai o vizita printr-un mall si plecai acasa cu cateva piese foarte in regula. Nu mai este cazul, cum discutam zilele trecute intr-un grup: hainele din magazinele obisnuite, retail chains, au ajuns la fel de scumpe ca multe dintre cele semnate de designeri. Prin natura meseriei, imi petrec destul de mult timp prin magazine si, inevitabil, arunc un ochi si pe etichetele cu preturi. Fac asta de suficient de mult timp ca