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cadouri de Valentine’s Day

“Early Sunday morning when everything is quiet, the streets are empty and no one is around, a small beat up rental truck is parked in front of an apartment building. The back is open and one glance at what’s inside says someone must be moving house. A mushroom-colored couch and three non-descript wooden chairs, a few lamps, a children’s desk, an old stereo system are all carefully, strategically arranged in there. Someone’s small kingdom is picking up stakes and moving across town. You see these scenes often. Sometimes a couple

Mai sunt cateva zile pana la Valentine’s Day. Pentru barbatii disperati, care au tot amanat sa cumpere cadouri si pentru femeile aiurite, care se asteapta ca doar sa primeasca – fara sa ofere -, cronometrul masoara fiecare secunda pe care nu si-o petrec la shopping. In mod normal, in perioada aceasta, sesiunile cu clientele mele de personal shopping inseamna rochii rosii – in croieli si stiluri cat se poate de diverse -, sandale sexy, poate o bijuterie cu straluciri trandafirii sau un cadou de ultim moment pentru un „el”… Anul